Wednesday, August 11, 2010

War Moves to Art Form-Horses to Planes

one of my great passions is horses--and it is my take that the mounted military is now our flying forces--
The moves you are going to see are natural movements of horses in play and in herd dominance - and were used and trained for the use of horses for war --the mounted troops had speed and the fear factor-
You will notice that one of the horse's moves is the half pass-where the horse moves side-ways--it was utilized to move ground troops out of the way!
I could go on with explanations for each movement -another time--Dressage means training-and it now an art form:This is one of the finest rides I have ever seen and others agree! I first posted this in 2008 -near the beginning of my blog experience and before I knew how to embed!
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MathewK said...

Never was much for horses, but that was pretty cool, thanks for posting it.

christian soldier said...

MK-I'm glad you enjoyed it ...