Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DRESSAGE Is A VERY DIFFICULT Dicipline-Ann Romney GOOD- Lawrence ODonnell-BAD

Proof that those in the "lame stream media" are ignorant and STUPID!
Dressage is one of the most difficult "sports" to learn - remember - you are involved with a partner who is probably more intelligent than the typical MSM "person".

Check out the video on my post above this one!

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Z said...

Honestly, I can't even watch that awful O'Donnell put ANY woman down for doing whatever it takes to relieve the horrible symptoms of MS. This is not a MAN, this is a political wimp, an avowed socialist, with no class or dignity.

Thank God Mrs. Romney has this in her life...MS is awful and taking our minds off of it, and totally relaxing, doing something she loves, is a great bonus. She's lucky she still CAN ride a horse. My close friend is even having trouble on her scooter for MS these days.