Friday, June 8, 2012

Is There More to the Story-Belmont -I'll Have Another-NYHRAss..

Even The FOX commentator let it slip that she wonders if there is more to the story-
I'll Have Another- Kentucky Derby - Preakness winner-California trained-
Trainer dissed by "Eastern" Horse Racing establishment-like Tweedy and the NY Horse Racing ASSociation..(my take-ASS ociation- get it!))

Photos of the beautiful-I'll Have Another-He is the under-dog-($14,000- most of the entrants are $1000,000 and more!)turned super star-
This morning it was his left hind (from "kicking a bucket" )  now it is the left front leg-ill-have-another-scratched-from-belmont-stakes/
I WILL NOT BE WATCHING the Belmont stakes...


Kid said...

Carol-CS, anything is possible. And today even seems like the more likely bet.

christian soldier said...

K-the BIG WIGS did not want this horse to beat their horses' B _ _ _ S

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing..