Monday, June 4, 2012

Starbucks-A Lesson in Good Business/Mary Kay Cosmetics Too!

Building relationships / the same business training that those of us who are  in Mary Kay  Cosmetics -receive-
My University education  did not teach me bout good business-Mary Kay did.


Z said...

I did about six months with Mary Kay and liked it very much...lots of good learning, you're right.
I just didn't like the things they do at the meetings when you've done well, etc. I felt a little odd and quit it.
But, I had an excellent experience with them. And I STILL, after about 8 years, use a little tube of some kind of drying-up stuff any time I get the slightest blemish, which is rare, and it goes away immediately! I think they stopped carrying it...I'm glad it's lasting so long!
You sell it now?

Trekkie4Ever said...

Oh no!! I am your competition! I sell Avon.

I also don't like how at our meetings that only those that make top sales are acknowledged while some of us who don't make that much, do bust our butt's trying to get orders. You cannot force people to buy the products, they either want them or not.

We don't get any training just tips on how to sell. And I am not going to become a pushy salesperson.

I love the product and I tell people what I like and don't like and I am unsure about a product I am honest.

christian soldier said...

Z-was a top director - still order quarterly for my loyal clients and for my skin care needs-- and I still talk to my remaining loyal team members-sometimes over coffee : - )

L-like me- you have to test the products - find them useful- and then you can promote them to others--
Honesty and building relationships - is the only way to gain customer trust--you are right-