Thursday, November 27, 2014

Rush Revere and Liberty the Horse/and the Robertson Family=Bold Christians=

did you know that Rush and Kathryn have a book series devoted to the True HIStory of the Republic and one of the 'characters' is the Horse named LIBERTY-
I'll be purchasing the series soon!
Sadie learned to dance-(love her dress-beautiful but not 'slutty' like many who DWS)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NOW Where Are You ?!!- Dems in BED With Hefner-Cosby--Playboy - Playboy "Foundation" $$$ for Dems -Pelosi et al

Dems in Bed With  Hef-Playboy -Lots of $$$$ for Progressive Dems-

NOW National Organization for Women--Where Are You  - thought your job was to protect women from predatory men--

Sunday, November 23, 2014

fed orders Christian college to deport 120 Christian Students- here LEGALLY-

"Here’s the bottom line - the Obama administration is about to grant amnesty to some five million illegal aliens. You would think they could find room to accommodate 120 Christian college students.
And for what it’s worth – the Christian college kids came here legally."
h/t- Crusader Rabbit
My take:
I guess I am wondering when Constitution  loving Christians are going to stand up!!>>

Monday, November 17, 2014

Saudi Prince Paid for 9/11->>OH>>Say It Isn't So--SARC

and to think that the only plane allowed to fly after the attack on 9/11 was that of a Saudi who was visiting the Bush family in Texas-
Hmmmmm=the Bush family members have  been known to be 'friends' of the House of Saud-
This article is very interesting'

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Last Round I Will Ever Need- GR2-RIP

Fighting Terrorists - No Negotioating- Aim to Kill-and No More Welfare-

Several interesting articles-
Remember - Pres Jefferson went after the Muslim terrorists (Barbary Pirates) with the new might pf the new US Marines- (Shores of Tripoli) and Pres. . Adams followed through - we in the US had little trouble  w/ Muslim terrorists until the -"let's all get along - PC commies came into power--

Enjoy- warning-NO NEGOTIATING w/ Muslim Terrorists-

HR- 347-Free Speech (2nd Amendment) now a Felony-

All US Cities to become Detroit
my comment to this-
Detroiter-raised I was- – and my father said-“you cannot give other people’s $$$ to those who are not willing to work (WELFARE>ADC) and expect the city to survive..” He was right- 60 +_ years ago-the unions and commies took over the wealthiest per capita city in the country -look to Detroit to see the end game of un Constitutional actions-

Charity Scams- 
AND For Your Artistic and Musical Enjoyment-