Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Occupy Wall Street vs-Ranchers 'Occupying' "Fed Annex" (US Citizens'Land) -OWS Participants - Not Murdered---Ranchers- MURDERED and Shot At>>>
"Change subject. The Oregon standoff and one-way shootout reminds me of its farcical east coast counterpart. From mid-September to mid-November 2011, tens of thousands of "social justice warriors" staged Occupy Wall Street, illegally camping out in Zuccotti Park and regularly jamming the streets with block party "demonstrations."
To be fair, some of the more rowdy among them were inconvenienced by law enforcement for minutes at a time. President Obama was understanding, "I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel." What ev-er. Occupy Wall Street received a total of $700,000 in donations. Dope-'n-deli adds up. The occupation dispersed when the funds ran out, surprising no one.
These same Occupy anarchists and their keyboard kollaborators are shocked to discover cattle wandered onto "our public lands", outraged mere citizens would occupy a sacred federal facility, stunned that ranchers would even question payment to the federals. It's outright banditry and welfare they say, and nothing DC does to armed parasites can be bad enough.
The prosecution of ranchers as terrorists points out, once again, it's acceptable to prey on rural whites. In the 21st century version of the Old West, we're made out to be the implacable savages and outlaws, "outlaws" in the historic sense: outside the protection of the law, criminals at large, the as-yet unpunished guilty, an affront to all that's just and decent, deserving of the contempt heaped upon us and violence to whatever degree can be managed by available manpower.'
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a thorugh read of the above link will be enlightening to all--

and these from Iron Legion:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump Veterans' Event- Millions Raised For Our Veterans--

There are longer versions - you can go to youtube for them--
Thank you JAWA for this-
-if anyone wants "fair and balanced" -go find the fox debate your self!!
I never want to see megyn kelly again--

and- you all know how much I honor and love our vets and their families--
and-WOW - listen for the amount of $$$ raised so far--MILLIONS for our VETS

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Time To Do Battle -- No More Apologizing - to the Left nor to the Right-

This is one of the best takes I have ever read --and- if you look to my 'cartoons' on the right side of this site - you will see that I saw it coming years ago--the donkey and the elephant riding on the backs of the citizens-

and an  excerpt from the above link-

"While our countries were being given away, while we were becoming outnumbered in our homelands, while our young men were being emasculated and our young women were turned into whores, while our children were being abandoned to immigrant gangs, or aborted and chopped up and sold for research, while we were held hostage to the unsustainable welfare bill of feral urban blacks… What did you do to stop it?"

thank you for the heads up CR -

comments on women and christian church - and Russian MEN in germany - Taking Rape Matters in their own heands-

13 year old Russian/German girl raped - Russian MEN killed the rapists-
my take- it is about time -

and this take on the rape of german women - and a Condel take- which led to my comment at the AOW site --the Christian Church has a lot to answer for--

My Comment at AOW>>
9-11 terrorists trained in Hamburg --
muslim 'cells' in Virginia - learned of this from a blogger who intimated that he was threatened - 2008 - blog exists no longer--

I remember women having to cover their heads in "Christian" churches--
Women shackled to jail cells -1920- for peacefully marching for the right to vote--(terrorists at Gitmo are treated better than our  women were back then) --
The Christian church has a lot to answer for-- and the weakness it is showing now toward muslim tyrants is reprehensible ..

Monday, January 18, 2016