Monday, July 28, 2014

Dutch Orchestra-(ARTISTS) Leave the Stage When Islamist Conductor Starts Spew

Artists have always led the way in protest of evil-Goya/Michelangelo -exposed the pedophilia in the powerful Roman Catholic Church (a close and personal look at the Sistine Chapel surprised me - the exposure was so obvious)--Michelangelo made his money working for the powerful Pope-but that did not stop him-
The Dutch orchestra walked out when their conductor - an Islamist- started to spew -

Remember this BOLD WOMAN- who stood up in the German Lutheran Church because the "leaders" had invited a islam-imam - to speak!!!>>>
watch her stand up at the "church" and her interview on CBN - BOLD and we need BOLD -NICE is not doing it!!>>>

Sunday, July 27, 2014

US Border Agents Point Guns at Boy Scouts Returning To the US-from Canada-

 but let the illegals "free flow" across out Southern Border--
Read the article and the comments- my Friends--Militarized Tyranny has already come to the US via our own government--

addendum-I am placing my comments  from the gateway post because they were among the first and the first have been overshadowed by many others- which is a good thing-over 1000 comments w/ the last getting over 1000 LIKES  So - here  are my comments which were among the first  (-:

and the 'agent' took a camera w/ photos of the incident-that belonged to a Scout-Where is it>>>?
SUE the B----tards--
and-Charles V- of the Scout council said that -the Scouts had "..a great lesson in civics>"
REALLY- you stand w/ the out of order Border Patrol agent over your Scouts--
BTW- send those Border Control agents to the Southern  Border-see how they treat illegal folks!! probably w/ kid gloves!!
This post by Jim has garnered the attention that is necessary to wake up the US citizens!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

AMERICA-Dinesh D Souza's Excellent movie a=must be viewed by School Children -Says Lawmaker
I agree- sad- there were no young people at the movie showing during the time I was viewing the movie--
America: Imagine a World Without Her | [Dinesh D'Souza]

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CA TAxapyers -Fined if Water Drains From Driveway- POT GROWERS USE More Water Than SF- NO FINE-Follow The Money-

and the POT GROWERS are Murdering Fish !!! - By Draining Rivers and 'stuff'-
I just "stole my comment that I  left at Mustang's site-:

The hypocrisy/lies never end- and- here's one for you all- CA has a huge water shortage and the lefties always say they are looking out for the environment- yet - we Californians are threatened w/ fines for watering- yet the POT Growers use more water than SF -and killing fish species by draining rivers here in CA- Guess my adage - "follow the money" holds true here- who in power gets the money?!and POWER over the citizens!?>>>

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Barack Obama-Truth Telling Parody-

From a site that is new to me Western Hero -
As to the Musical Artists-Well- you all know how  I love it when Artists use their talents to get the truth out>>>

True artists are usually truth tellers-

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Veterans Turn Their Backs on bho- and-WOW- One Expensive Motorcade-Your Tax Dollars At Work>>>

Good for the Veterans-
Reminds me of bho's visits to West Point- the overall response of the Cadets was tepid-

new site to me- conservative tribune