Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art and Music -Early Childhood Education...

The ARTS - including music- have been removed from the classroom and the churches..
Because of the absence of the arts - taught WELL...children have no outlet and thus are labeled hyperactive, ADD, ADHD, etc.etc.etc....
Well-Hollywood is doing something about it-Zucker and et.al,
Unfortunately-they represent the wrong side!


It's time we offer excellence in art and music training in the Christian realm.
It's time to stop talk-talk-talking and ACT!


shoprat said...

There is so little real art today. Most of our modern artists who are Nihilists (ie people who believe that existence is meaningless) that real art is a rarity.

christian soldier said...

shoprat-you are so right
Art and music are always the first to go in schools and churches.
I have a book in the computer concerning the absence of the arts and the upswing of 'behavior' problems...
'Someday' I'll get it published..