Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOW-Had a Great Trip- Art-Music-the Atlantic Ocean and Passports (Identitifaction) to be Carried at all times---

I Loved being in Spain-Portugal-and Italy--
Paying for going to the bathroom was a little 'weird' -
I will have photos up ASA ad I sort through the hundreds of them and find the best--
I am sure that my son will assist me in posting them for you all to see-
I did learn some very interesting info about two artists that I had never 'met' -
One being the creator of a sculpture from which the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's E T came...

and an architect-Guadi -who was considered to be either a genius or 'nut'...
A Genius with a Tesla -like my take...more on Guadi later..

I also learned that Michelangelo was influenced by the Reformation and that there is one-glaring-'hidden message' in one of the panels of the Sistine Chapel that I will share later this week-it brought a smile..

I will also share my thoughts on bringing our BEST home from the various EU countries...the Whys and Wherefores...

and-seeing as I just got back from countries that demand proof of citizenship--I will share this video from a professor who is well though of by his students. ..and who knows his Constitution---unlike b Hussein obama- (bho is suing the people of his own country - unheard of and - if I may say-EVIL)


Always On Watch said...

Welcome back!

I can't wait to see your photo essay.

WomanHonorThyself said...

WELCOME BACK GIRLL!!!...cant wait to see pics..I was in Italy and Spain as well````cant wait to compare notes!!..hugssssssssss!..the vid is right on target!

Z said...

you must have LOVED seeing all that art and architecture! So glad you had a great time! Welcome back...
We're blessed when we can see other countries and I'm glad you got to do that.

As for the video; imagine the message that sends Mexico? unbelievable; meanwhile, WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?

They Say/We Say said...

Seeing the old world - with the hand carving and chiseling the rocks that you could touch and smell; such is the dreams of many.
And yours came true!

MK said...

Yeah great to see you're back. Looking forward to hearing of your travels.

William Stout said...

Welcome back Carol! Hope that your trip was everything you dreamed it would be!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

glad you're back, Carol. looking forward to more trip-related entries!


Kid said...

Welcome back ! Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Interesting building in the first pic. Looks like a lot of wasted space there if the spires are apartments?

christian soldier said...

you are not going to believe this!!
I was warned that most people that visit Italy-get real sick-
not meeee!
right after I posted -I came down with something close to pneumonia!
I'm still fighting it -
know that the photos and trip 'takes' will be coming very soon--
my friends were worried about me -
I am getting well :-)

Paul Champagne said...

Welcome back ... I love Michelangelo. I hope one day to actually have a couple of days to enjoy Rome and be a tourist. The only time I've been there was on business and I saw nothing.