Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Video Interview w/ Facebook Marine-Shut In a Psych Ward for 30 days- By Our Governmnet

You have been reading about this for days--Marine - Taken by our Govt...for Facebook postings--
Joe Miller has more on this-go there - please--In fact-go to his HOME and view the interview w/ General Boykin on the FRC terrorist attack- and - well- take a look at all of his posts-I go to his site even before I go to Drudge!!
The Reason Joe Miller Started His Site -Read this too-


Trekkie4Ever said...

This is proof that the government is watching us.

I am on FB and I do tend to post a lot about my thoughts about our government and so forth.

I am wondering he was apprehended for being an ex-Marine?

Whatever the case, Big Brother is watching.

christian soldier said...

all of our BEST are on the HS '"terrorist" watch-list'
my question is - why do our BEST still volunteer!?!~~~~~