Monday, April 28, 2014

1984 -Anyone!!--California Neighbors Told to Spy on One Another- Over Water Usage--

 Orwell warned us-via his book 1984--neighbor 'informing govt' against neighbor>>>

I knew this was happening here in CA -it started awhile back--Now it is out in the open- just thought you all should be ready - because-
 "what goes on in California- spreads to the rest of the Nation"

and there are "officers" payed by CA taxpayers to spy on citizens- they are called the "Water Patrol"


William Stout said...

This isn't the first time that citizens have been advised to watch each other and to report their infractions. Woodrow Wilson once set up apparatus for the same thing during WWI when the sedition act was in place. People were arrested and sent to prison just on the word of their neighbors. John Adams imprisoned journalists for their opposition to the fleet that he was trying to build. More recently, Obama and company enjoined citizens to report "questionable" facts about Obamacare to the White House. The incidences of State and local government following suit are too numerous to list.

Obama and Emanuel has stated on a number of occasions that they need and want an internal security force (secret police) that is as well funded and trained as the U.S. military. While they were blocked from establishing this force, Obama has since allowed Federal agencies to train and equip SWAT teams. Agencies like the EPA and Bureau of Land Management now have a paramilitary capability on par with elite tactical teams used for high risk situations. So while the Federal government was unable to establish it's own separate secret police agency, it has instead created an alternative through existing governmental entities. All that is lacking is central command and control. That said, it would not be that difficult to unify these disparate teams to perform a certain task.

In short, President Obama has his secret police. All he has to do is to give the order and they will move. This is nothing more than a dodge of the Posse Comitatus Act that prevents the Federal government from turning the American military against the public. The left has long chafed by this stricture and has sought a means of abridging it. They found it with adding SWAT capability to non-enforcement agencies.

Care to take a guess as to who they would like to use them on?

Kid said...

My friend has seen it in San Antonio for years with their water rationing.

Mustang said...

I lived in California for many years; Santa Ana and San Diego. I recall water rationing back then, a problem that is directly related to human population. The fact is that the natural ecology of California simply doesn’t support burgeoning population, and there is not sufficient water coming from the Sierra Nevada range to support everyone washing their cars. I keep wondering why California authorities have not embarked upon a desalination strategy to meet the demand for water.

christian soldier said...

WS- the more and more I study the HIStory of this Republic- the more I find that the slow slide to un-Constitutional tyranny started long before the commie FDR was in place--
thank you for your wonderful insight-

christian soldier said...

K-the tyrannous govt is everywhere- using any excuse to violate the Constitutional mandates

christian soldier said...

M- did not know you were once a Californian..
I wonder the same-- some years we have so much rain that our streets and rivers overflow-why is that water not directed to huge reservoirs - you know-
save for a "NON rainy day"!