Thursday, August 28, 2014

NAZI Rule Still Reigns in Germany-

 Hitler established total control of the Ed System in Germany- control the Ed and you control the children who would be 'sheep' followers of tyranny--
Read this and let me know if you see this tyranny in the US--

as an aside from the Homeschool issue-
You all do remember that Hitler went to Bosnia to bring Muslims  into the NAZI 'fold' - as his prototype for the SS--
Many of the Muslim terrorists that hit us in the US on 9-11-2001- came from Hamburg - Germany--


Ed Bonderenka said...

Yep, it's Weimar all over again.

christian soldier said...

ED - you've gotten that right!!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

yep, those islamo-nazi fascists are running rampant, until some strong arm principled roughneck puts them in their place (and grave). i fear for our country, but have faith that the better worldview will prevail as it has for centuries. when i look to the scoreboard of history, it's the West sitting atop in terms of talent, tenacity, temperate manners and graciousness, and of course the temerity to actually believe in a Rule of Law and a standard by which we live, progress, and provide our heirs a legacy for the pursuit of happiness (principled self interest).

2nd Amendment, baby. Protects a lot of the others!

christian soldier said...

Jg- your take brought a smile--thank you--

Z said...

Homeschooling has always ALWAYS been illegal in Germany. Nobody's much working on changing the LAW, they just carp about it. Nearly every article about the 'horrid Germans threatening home schoolers' doesn't mention that it is illegal. Do I agree with that? NO. Do I find it weird that Germany's castigated for upholding a time-worn law? Very.

Germans literally cannot stand up to the HUGE amount of islamists ...your media's just not telling you that truth. Killings, threats,'s AWFUL! And our media's NOT talking about it.
My stepkids (adults) KNOW THIS and are experiencing it in's a ;living NIGHTMARE for Germans.

"NAZI RULE still reigns..?" I'm not even sure what that means, Carol! Because illegal homeschoolers are complaining?

Now, if you say WE are beginning to go the way of the Weimar Republic, I'd say YES. Germans are FAR too sensitive since WWII to let that happen on any grand scale.

I WISH our media would translate the German media but I believe this administration has much to gain by keeping Muslim threats in Europe to a hush.

I don't mean to sound angry; I'm not! But this is a subject I know...

Carol, you and your family are never far from my thoughts and prayers, honey.

Kid said...

The US IS Germany 1930's from the propaganda standpoint..

TS/WS said...

And, we have been hit,
teenage ideology and peer pressure,
will soon engulf the kids at the
hands of these new "children".
Kids today have been conditioned to
[back down] from "bullies".
And with the progressives curriculum as standard education.
Mental bullying.
The ideology of the ~other side~ will be in-play from the lack of action - seems like stalling, just for these "children" to be-"we're in", and shuffled in the "just right" parts of the country.
Turn this country's last couple generations to their side by brainwashing; and the schools won't catch the blame.
Like I said before - by "teenage ideology and peer pressure".

christian soldier said...

K- agreed!

christian soldier said...

TS- and the backing down ideology runs rampant - w/ our 'aduts' in govt and et al!!