Friday, October 10, 2014

Wealthy "Prince" Harry Reid- Body Slams a Reporter -Our Fovt Officials Do Believe They are Royalty /and-Let's Boycott US Airways -

 but-you say-it was his body guard--
No- I say-he  pays the guard-so- he did it vicariously-

Our Founding Fathers got rid of "Royalty" because - for one thing- they knew that "Royals" could come and take the PROPERTY of citizens w/o question-
therefore- the original Wording of the Declaration was

and they later wrote term limits into the law--which have been circumvented- so- the likes of Harry Reid have been taking our $$$ for a long time and thus- is now worth over 6 MILLION $$$$..

and-US Airways snubs decorated Army Ranger- 
My comment at Crusader Rabbit
Life Liberty PROPERTY
Original wording of the Declaration-
by giving the courts jurisdiction via eminent domain- decrees- to take property – “Royalty” has been re-established in our once great Republic–
Interesting-I just wrote about the usurpation today–


Ed Bonderenka said...

We live in an entitlement society.
They are entitled.
We were supposed to get rid of Titles.

Kid said...

Seriously disgusting. I pray that cycles will turn and focus this on the libtards.

Z said...

And nobody's reporting this? but that awful WND? OH MY GOSH.

I'm so much more fearful of OUR MEDIA than ANYTHING else in this country. We can't keep America up with this media... no way.

christian soldier said...

E-I like your take-"get rid of titles"

christian soldier said...

K- my guess- it will be us in the blog world who will do it..

christian soldier said...

Z- I kept waiting - but - nothing-even from FOX-