Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Smile -&- Why Weren't the Danish police / military Ready for the terrorist hit-

Go to Angel's Site for a REAL Valentine's Day smile (-:

as to the terrorist hit in Denmark-
and – the Danes need guns-big guns- to protect their free speech rights against the islamist terrorists-
this Danish / American- approves this message-


Z said...

I can't imagine what any country can do about these awful hits....
Interesting that it would be in Scandinavia because they're SO "Multi cultural" and pride themselves in it. Well, Bravo; now YOU've got it..and bad. Let's hope for no more.

Angel's Valentine's Day put five pounds on me...but then I got the dreaded warning about the site again! I can't even write and tell her because it appears my emails aren't reaching her. Do you have it?
I get a MacAfee huge warning DO NOT OPEN THIS SITE....oh, brother!

hope you're well! xxx Z

christian soldier said...

seeing as the Danes stood up to hitler and did not turn over the Jews-
I feel that they will turn around--but
-as to my ? in my title- why were they not ready for the hit on Lars Vilk?--
I have not warning about Angel's site--

TS/WS said...

A lot of people say: times have changed.
In reading some history, nothing has changed much - same old cloak and dagger tactics; just with newer technology.
Which can be summed up in two methods, propaganda (Media/Movies/TV Sitcoms), and The Education System (World Wide), seems in sync for the World Gov., and World Religion.
Revelations and maybe other verses in the KJV says: They will Say Peace-Peace, but many will die in the name of Peace.
Sounds just like the religion we hear about today, and the push to impose those old religious laws. World Wide.

christian soldier said...

TS-so true-and-I too-follow the KJV -it is the clearest -