Monday, April 13, 2015

Christians Have Become Weak -= They Have Decided to Turn FOUR Other Checks - and COW TOW to islam-

My Friends - Our first war as a Nation was against Islam- Jefferson sent the new Marines to Tripoli- to stop the Barbary Pirates from taking US merchant ships and US citizens hostage - and- also stopping the muslim demand for 20% of the new US Nations's GDP --

Now we have a weak  - US - policy that is
bowing' to islam--and it did not start w/ the bho  regime-read my comment RE: the saudis and the bush clan--

I have had enough of the weak Christian leaders and the weak US policy!!!!!

This is my comment at another site:
and-speaking  of the Saudis-(islam)  --why are we in the US still 'bowing' to them>>>
we have our own oil-
we know they were involved in 9-11 terror attack-
we know that a saudi 'princess' was allowed to fly our of Texas -visiting the bush estate -
 you know--when no other aircraft were 'allowed' to fly on that day (9-11) nor for several days thereafter--
why was the saudi 'royal' allowed-
 and - now - a whitewash exposed-
was a  Pres. bush (R) - involved :

no difference in the parties- been stated same for years now-


trailbee said...

It is weak because the president is Muslim.

christian soldier said...

t- thank you for your comment- I went back an clarified my take--because- it is not just the bho regime --the bush family has been suspect for me - ever since 9-11-2001 when a Saudi 'royal' was allowed to fly from their TX estate when no one else was allowed to fly--

trailbee said...

Good point. However, I would believe GW over Barry Sotero. My reluctance to give my wholehearted support to GW is because his father signed this country up for Agenda 21! It is the death knell for America.

Mustang said...

Whether Obama is a Muslim or not ...Obama enables Islamism and for this, he is guilty of treason. As is Bush, for scuttling America as a Christian nation.

christian soldier said...

T & M- bho is a muslim - and a progressive - commie--
as to the bush-ies- they have their fingers in the big $$$ pot-everywhere!1
my take-

TS/WS said...

Kissinger, as Sec of State, brought the Dollar into play; with the Saudi-newly formed OPEC (our petroleum's expensive, cowboy!).
Kissinger was tricked (nOT) into signing the Dollar to to oil for the World Currency.
Thus gold was replaced by oil.
Nixon brought back buying and selling bullion.
Saddled to the hip we have been--back when Daddy Bush was ayoung gent. I don't know if that era GHW was the local (State} politician-or C I A.
There has to be a little squirming involving the Saudi call for help - now for the current events over there.
Not just the energy big boots, but all other have to's-to; SS, Income Tax, Affordable Health Insurance, all connected.
The web is to tangled to just start taking everything apart.
Could be a [[small reason]] for most second term Congress Members, Both Houses, to look and sound weak on very important issues - seems to most of us.
Not everyone has been informed just how bad it is and how it looks from the inside the Beltway Jocky's For Power...

look at this link
Someone Is Standing Up

christian soldier said...

TS-thank you for your insights-on the Dollar-and the Saudis and the link to the politically powerful here in the US--

and for the link--
the IRS is an un Constitutional 'agency'-

TS/WS said...

The owners of that Web Site and Movie Makers, contacted me (TSWS) and want me to write a review of their Movie on my blog.
They gave me a pass code to watch the entire Movie.
And of course--be an affiliate to sell their DVDs and Bumper Stickers.
I did watch the Movie and liked it.
I do not jump on Band Wagons.
And, I felt that they were not quite informed enough from what I saw and they did not cover in the Movie.

After reading my blog post (looked all through the archives)
they want to do an interview with me.
Oh, and liked the comments too.
So, they maybe looking at your blog also.

christian soldier said...

TS - let me know when you post your review of the movie--
after viewing the trailer and seeing the panel - Ralph Reed and et al.-I know the movie will contain the truth--
Thank you for the heads up as to your involvement--