Sunday, August 9, 2015

WOW- These Women Nail megyn kelly -Thank you Ladies -
Theses Women Are Stating What Was I  Going to State - about the FOXY megyn kelly -
and- before I post the video - let me state - I am  about through w/ FOX except for --Hannity - Cavuto - Payne--
megyn  kelly - can we we make her go away!@!!! and take her 'make women VICTIMS ' mantra w/ her!!


Ed Bonderenka said...

Eh. Megan serves a purpose, but is getting more Greta-like, as I begin to admire Greta MORE for being so pro Christian lately, even though she has not renounced scientology.
Like O'Reilly, I'll watch when I want, til I can't take a particular segment.
It's entertainment with news, no more than Jon Stewart in a sense.

Kid said...

I'm LOLing (not hahaing) at that vid.

And I've been saying for YEARS that FOX is no friend to Conservatives. Maybe someday people will consider my views. lol