Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sons of Liberty International-Matthew Van Dyke -Trains CHRISTIANS to Fight ISIS

Americans helping CHRISTIANS to  Defend themselves against muslim terrorists- I have found a group that I will support!

"Matthew VanDyke is sickened by the lack of support, both at home and abroad, in the fight to defeat ISIS in Iraq."


Mustang said...

I do respect those who live according to their convictions. If he thinks things are bad in Libya, and they are, what will he do when our streets here are looking exactly the same? If you read the commentaries at Google Plus, for example, you soon learn that the American people are toasted. There are only one or two brains left among the millions. All of their blather is leftist blather, and they accept hook, line, and sinker everything the community organizers tell them. Not much ability at critical thinking anymore, which I think spells the end for America.

christian soldier said...

M-I have been privileged to talk to young folks in recent days- There is still a chance-- slight-though it may be--We do have to get more of them into homeschooling or ???

WomanHonorThyself said... do so very much........Bless you and yours this Sept 11th my friend..God keep us all safe..:)