Wednesday, October 21, 2015

B Hussein O-States That CHRISTIANS are a Threat to This Nation! & True Military Officer-Warriors Have Been Purged !

I'll let you decide - after reading and listening to the radio comments - if you believe that BHO is Christian or a _______!

I have written about the purge and the dangerous RoE (Rules of Engagement) on this blog many times!  

I have posted this video before--you who know me can see why it caught my eye some years ago--Black Horse-mounted by a true warrior-- protecting a lady in RED- (red-my favorite color!!)
Red -White and Blue- w/ a protecting 'angel' which is guised as a dragon--in other words - GREAT ART!! and the music is awesome!!!


Kid said...

obama is moslem vermin. Imagine this. obama wants to bring clock boy with father on terror list to white house but has never even mentioned vet who was shot 7 times but save untold number of college kids in latest mass murder in gun free zone. Then a nano-second after mass murder, obama starts politicizing it. The bodies aren't even cold yet. Many people in the area lined highways and roads with banners that let obama know what they thought of his pathetic ass. Of course, some morons offered support as well.

I think we should take this national. Every time obama goes somewhere, we who can should line the roads with big sign's telling him to resign and move back to Kenya.

christian soldier said...

like your idea--a bit of a problem in this here CA as - well - you know why- although- i am meeting more and more new conservatives--

Ed Bonderenka said...

When my black co-workers start bad-mouthing him, and they do, soemnthing is up.

christian soldier said...

EB- thank you for the heads up --