Friday, May 13, 2016

Female head of West Point is siding w/ the out of order black female - black lives matter cadets.

Sue Fulton is a graduate of West 

West Point Black Female Cadets Dishonor the West Point Code-If They Were White Male Cadets- They would Be Expelled
This undated image taken from Twitter shows 16
General Leo Brooks would have rebuked or expelled these female cadets for dishonorable conduct-
I am referring to General Leo Brooks - Commandant of Cadets 2002-
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Kid said...

50 bucks says she is lesbian.

Bunkerville said...

No time lost in destroying the fabric of our institutions.

christian soldier said...

K- you would probably win--

christian soldier said...

B- all of our military academies are slooowly being PCd --that is why I no longer encourage young people to strive to be accepted to any of them--SAD DAYS ---