Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hope the List will be Long of those Hollywood Elites Leaving this Great Republic--

and - make  the 'ROVE's' of the R party go away as well--

Trump- Trump- Trump--

the Republic of the US will Be Great Again!!!


TS/WS said...

On election day a peace came over me - I did not have any thoughts about the first woman President at this time in history.
I watched PBS for the results and their commentary.
HaHahahahaha I saw them crying real tears and quivering lips and all - and - I heard that the nuts at CNN were crying hysterically. HaHaHaHahaahaahaaahaaaaa

christian soldier said...

TS- I am with you!! and - LOL at the corrupt MS media's tears :-)

Kid said...

TS/WS - Thanks for your testimony ! Love the image. hahahaaa

christian soldier said...

K- I am so glad that I have friends on the blog world who think as I do--:-=)

Kid said...

C-CS, It does help with the sanity.