Tuesday, December 27, 2016

CHRISTiians - learn HIStory --islam hates Christianity

US first war- against muslims (barbary pirates) who demanded 20 % of US GDP-- to NOT TAKE US HOSTAGES OR US MERCHANT SHIPS__--anyone recognize the words SHORES OF TRIPOLI- Marine Battle Hymn--Marines first War after the Revolutions--
Here is a long list of muslims debauchery against CHRISTians


Kid said...

islam has no place in a civilized world or a world trying to be civilized. It must go. Every cell must be removed as with any cancer.

christian soldier said...

totally agree !!!

Z said...

Oh, gosh, telling the TRUTH is refreshing, isn't it? Yes, the Crusades get brought up for the 'poor muslim' defense..as IF.
Terrific video; I'd never heard of her..thanks, Carol! xxx

WomanHonorThyself said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Carol! JAN 20TH CAN'T COME soon enough! hugss! xoxoxo:)