Monday, October 2, 2017

truth about Las Vegas Shooting


TS/WS said...

We are in the mist of WWIII.
Fighting Principalities.
An Enemy of shape shifting and camouflage;
we know the enemy is all around but just can't pick them out of a crowd.
A Sec. Of State signed the U.N. Small Arms Reduction Treaty (Resolution).
Right after that SandyHook, and others - just the other day.
They have engaged this tactic for the last 25 yrs. But having one of our own in Office and tricking him to sign laws that restrict rapid fire - will be a feather in their cap. Especially the Elected Peoples Choice used to restrict our rights.
When we (The American People) elected one of our own then the need to speed up the agenda for their take over of this country.
The Communist Party web sites, which are numerous-called for the Statutes removal, with BLM, and to START THE REVOLUTION.

christian soldier said...

TS- thank you for the historical 'heads up' --did not know that there were actual communist party web sites--the dark side is bold --corrupt but bold