Tuesday, January 1, 2019

religions that love abortion



TS/WS said...

Many things along with that being mentioned is tolerated in a Nation.
When you read Bible Verses, and each explains, that doing these things
will turn HIS Face from the Nation in question, and, allow enemies to
take over with out the sword - without firing a shot.
These actions by the adverse agents, using as the oldest and most proven
military tactic in bringing down any Nation. That is why the Founders thought
up a safe guard ==The Constitution==. Only - it takes an informed public to
protect themselves. When barriers are brought down and the public is pushed
into {Conformity} by the likes such as political correct speech, the Me To,
and just not liking to be offended-such as when a dose of reality and facts,
just don't put the snowflakes in a happy mood.

christian soldier said...

TS - so true- and the ed system has been slowly reduced to dumbing down --slowly - over 30+ year's time :-(