Friday, December 4, 2009

My Answer to Government School Propaganda--HUMAN Baby - From 6 Weeks -24 Weeks -to BIRTH ..

Even Little human children know that a the life inside the human mother's womb is a BABY :-)
During my presentations- if there are children in the audience- I ask:
"Hey- you guys--
What is inside the mother dog?" "Puppies!" (Please know that to them a puppy is a baby dog)
What is inside the mother cat?" "Kittens!!!"
What is inside a mother person?" "A BABY!!!" giggles and big smiles...
Interesting- that grown humans - propagandized in our schools -do not know that baby humans are being terminated !!! Children know what's in there- adults do not!!
Thank you LA Lutherans for Life for this video:


Carlos Echevarria said...

I posted this for you at IBA, no one ever comments on my stuff that is why i stick to my blog and Facebook, more interaction

As an artist, i think u will appreciate this

i would have emailed but my comp has some issues, probably cuz i go every now and then to naugthy sites

MK said...

"Children know what's in there- adults do not!!"

They know very well what's in there, some of them just choose not to care.

TanmoySarkar said...
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christian soldier said...

CE- thank you for the heads up!!
MK-it is a shame on the nation that this has been allowed to go un-challenged and even made 'legal' ...