Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Comments on- Abortion/ women in ground combat/ immigartaion rubio/LIFE/from IBA joe miller site

I oft times copy my own are three:
from article:
"... that their stamina was not up to their male counterparts, and that they could no longer carry their heavy back packs..."
my comment:
I believe we women are equal --BUT- women carrying 80+# for long distances (when most weigh in at 130 # or so) is impossible!) and it puts our men at risk - l) they will be looking out for the weaker members (women) of their team--2) thus- not concentrating on the task ( battle) at hand---

Flying F-16s (et al) is different than carrying 80 # (in the infantry)

BTW- do you think it would be possible for me to fly a C-130 sometime...(-:

Flew w/ my Uncle (P-38 pilot) in his Cessna (s) and after Ground Pilot's training- my friends and I flew a lot together___

Just Asking --


sell out of Rssss
To think that this SO Californian supported Rubio (Florida) thinking he was a true lover of the US Constitution!!..NEVER AGAIN!!
JOE- are you the only exponential candidate that I can trust to uphold and defend the Constitution!?!!!
Blue is right on--
The female carrying a human in her womb made her decision before murdering her human in the womb is murder--

When that female baby in the womb is old enough to make a decision to take her own life- then -it is suicide...
Enough said..


highboy said...

Well said on all counts. I have nothing to add.

William Stout said...

You are right on target as far as the physical requirements of a combat infantryman. Guess that will be the next thing to change. Instead of infantryman the military will have to just say combat troops and leave it at that. But women will have to face far more than just carrying a 90 lb. ruck. They will also have to get used to not bathing for weeks at a time and sleeping in the mud. What's more, they will have to change their mentality as well. Infantry requires a hunter of men and the ladies will have to hunt down the enemy and inflict death and destruction on them. Lastly, parents had better get used to seeing their daughters coming home in a body bag.

Did I mention that we also need to have our daughters sign up for selective service now? If the girls can do the job of a combat infantryman now there is no reason to keep them off of the draft roles.

christian soldier said...

hb- thank you my Patriot --Pro-Life friend!

christian soldier said...

WS- thank you for your encouragement--
Yes- if women want to be totally equal-it is time for them to be included in the draft--let's see how long it will take for them to change their tune(s)!!!

They Say/We Say said...

Flying most commercial/military crafts require
looooong leeeeeeggs.
Are you at least 6ft?
I knew a guy that was into aircraft in the Marines.
We were talking one day and some guy overheard us and joined us for some gab.
He told us he flew some type of fighter jet in Nam.
My friend worked on them in Nam the era.
My friend later told me that guy was full of it--because his legs were to short.

rosey said...

Does anyone remember the socialists calling the GOP out for some "war on women" thingy? How does this make you feel to know that Obama's administration now decides to put women on the front lines in combat. It is the epitome of the truth that it is the Democrats war on women. The other side benefit to the Dems is that this is just a prelude to reconstituting the draft so they can then rouse anti-war sentiment when American women are called up. And, wait.......Isn't this to include Obama's two little girts? Well I guess by extension, if a woman decides to murder/kill an innocent in their wombs, then they would make perfect lethal combatants as long as deadly force rules allow them to actually fire their weapons at the enemy....