Friday, January 18, 2013

West Point Becoming More and More P C -

Remember- I have been warning about the PC - anti Consitutional actions at the academies!?
Read and Weep - my friends:


sig94 said...

Once the military is indoctrinated we're all doomed.

William Stout said...

I have never heard a Tea Party member utter a racist comment. But the left sure has. The left has even painted people like Joe Lieberman in black face in an effort to ridicule and to define. I have never heard Rush Limbaugh say anything that was anti-Semitic. I have heard that paragon of the left, Helen Thomas make anti-Semitic statements. I have never heard of any conservative performing or advocating terrorist or genocidal acts. The left however most certainly has done both. The SDS students turned members of the Weather Underground has murdered and bombed its way to infamy. They have also advocated butchering as many as 25 million Americans should the revolution ever take hold because they figure at least that many will reject the re-education camps.

Why then does the government spend so much time accusing the conservatives of hatred, rage, and violence when there is far more proof that it is the left that is insane? Because it is the left that is in charge in Washington D.C. and everybody kow tows to them. If that means speaking lies about the threat, embracing jihad and Islam, and abandoning Israel then so be it.

The left doesn't speak about their plans in the light of day or in public. They keep that off of the grid with ghost email accounts and code words so that the public doesn't get upset about what they are doing or to whom they are doing it. These are dark days and interesting times.

christian soldier said...

sig- indeed we are--I've been concerned about the trend for some years now--

christian soldier said...

WS- Dark Days - sad-but true...

Kid said...

What Sig said. Did you hear hagel wants to completely disarm the Nukes?

Kithogan said...

For heavens sakes when will these pathetic socialists stop with the George Bush comparisons, . Frankly it’s becoming not only stupid, but laughable. It blows my mind when I constantly here people say “So did Bush” For Christ's sake, when will the “Blame Bush” crap expire?
First off, Iran was NOT the threat that it is now when Bush was in office, and for Oboze and his VP to say that Iran is no where near ready to have a bomb is just insane. Should we wait until they are ready? Is that your solution?
And as for Israel being our friend, just ask any Israeli if they feel that way. And my bashing Moochele's looks is my answer to this blooger's post. And I stand by it. Did you feel the same way when all these phoney bleeding hearts bashed Saral Palin and the FREAKS that insulted her and her children? I'd bet not.
This pathetic socialists actually think he has answers? And his pathetic progressive followers really think that he can walk on water! He continues to divide and destroy this country with his socialist unworkable fiscal programs that cannot work or be paid for.
He continues to run up our debt at over a trillion a year and calls it a solution ? So yes, Obama is a socialist. By “socialist,” I may not mean a Lenin, Castro, or Mao, type of socialist but Obama falls within the type of modern socialism as, for example, liken to Germany’s Social Democrats, French Socialists, or Spain’s socialist-workers party.
Obama’s progressive tax agenda on the rich to redistribute their income and wealth is dead set on what he calls “the rich to pay their fair share”. (As he has said: “When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
What ever you want to call him, he’s a nauseating con artist and failure. He has absolutely no idea how to lead but he is wonderful at name calling and dividing America. I can remember when it was not to long ago that America was the leader of the free world, and where are we now? We are the laughing stock of the Communist world. And in dept up to Obozo’s flapping ears. And the stupid Liberals are still clinging to Hope and Change. Lots of luck with that.
This inauguration is a sad day for America. Obama is truly the worst President in our history. You can be sure that I won’t be watching the inauguration. Not on your life.
What self-respecting lover of America would want to attend this gathering of Marxist socialists anyway?
But rejoice, the First Moocher has a new haircut.

christian soldier said...

K- Yes--we are int deep trouble--I'm not giving up - but- it is hard to stay 'positive'/

christian soldier said...

K-H- I agree--I cannot stand to view bho in any venue and under any circumstance-I call him the purple lipped liar!