Friday, February 8, 2013

Great Speaches 2) -General Boykin 1) National Prayer Breakfast Speech-Dr. Carson-Bold and Awesome--

Wish we had more BOLD - HIStorically knowledgeable -successful Patriot leaders who are willing to speak out as did Dr. Benjamin Carson--(My Take- he was in 'enemy company') 

Watch the video from  GeneralBoykin- he is  now a  Reverend:


Kid said...

obama looks the most pissed when the doctor is talking about the flag and our anthem.

christian soldier said...

I was tonally taken aback that such as he was asked to be the main speaker at the Prayer Breakfast--AWESOME--the had of God anyone?!!

Kid said...

And he did a nice job. It's stressful to speak in public then to spank the pres at the same time. Nice. Good Job Doctor.

I just wish someone would nationally bring up the fact that trial lawyers have been suing our healthcare system to ruin for decades. THIS is the problem with HC costs.

Leticia said...

He did a fantastic job. I can guarantee Obama and his wife were seething in their seats.


Gecko said...

What a wonderful man, I'd sit and listen to him anytime!!

rosey said...

Did you notice that Dem Rep Jan Schakowsky was the first lib to come out and call Dr. Carson inappropriate for invoking God into his narrative. Wait, I thought the venue was "National Prayer Breakfast"? Oh, wait, her religion only has One god and he was sitting 5 feet from the good doctor (just a little to his right) and looking a little sullen about the subject matter. Priceless.