Monday, February 11, 2013

Imaginary weapon-gets 7 year old suspended-

it is time that we in the US start suing government run agencies - including government/union run schools- for this intimidating crap!
We must protect our children!

What is going on with people? Is there a virus sweeping the country that burrows deep inside the brain and destroys all common sense? Just look what happened in Loveland, Colorado where a seven-year-old elementary school student was suspended for trying to "save the world" while using an imaginary grenade.
That's right! We're not talking about an actual weapon or even a picture of a weapon. We are talking about an imaginary grenade being used by a seven-year-old child!


Kid said...

Insanity. Knows no bounds.

christian soldier said...

K- What are we in the US going to do about it!?!! the insanity -that is!

Leticia said...

This is utter stupidity. And I hope parents will stand up and speak out about this insane policy.

Good grief!!

christian soldier said...

L- the time to coalesce and sue --is now--enough--the left sues all of the time!

Kid said...

C-CS, the first line of defense Here is parents. I don't expect much of anything from them.

Otherwise, sorry, Rock bottom first.

christian soldier said...

Kid--sadly- i agree with your take )-: