Thursday, October 24, 2013

FAKE FAINTS For bho and MARINE Stands Tall-Calls Mc Cain a Traitor- & Girly Hats for Marines

 My friends- I have found a new site--I know that most do not read via links-
These two are very telling and I encourage you to at least view the videos on these links--

BTW- the recent FAINTING scene -(woman in red dress) during bho's  speech is fake - and bho copied hillary clinton who had several audience fainting scenes herself-

 A BRAVE MARINE Stands Tall:

Bonus-SARC- Girly Hats for Marines:


highboy said...

These politicians are completely fake, and its funny, because after all these years, people don't buy these gimmicks anyways, regardless of how the media tries to spin it. Show a politician kissing babies and people will just roll their eyes. Its like a used car salesman.

christian soldier said...

HB- I like your analogy!

Kid said...

LOVED the mcLame vid !

christian soldier said...

K- mc Lame- like that
and- I knew you would like the Marine's take on mc Lame