Monday, May 12, 2014

POPE and the UN -My Comments on Christians as a Whole Pope Francis and the UN-

My comments:
Well-Great Minds do think alike!! :mrgreen:
Posted about the Pope and the hypocrisy of the commie Dems on one post – this morning!!!
POPE- let’s start w/ your Roman Catholic Wealth-= the Vatican has Lots Of Gold/ Jewels/Property Et Al..
You First-leave the real producers alone–

I no longer identify myself as a Christian- but- as a Follower of Christ-
I have found that many “Christians” cannot be trusted or are weak-and sheep-like-
Won’t be changing my monicker though -
C-Christian Soldier

read Darin's take on Christians- too-it is on the link- I do not have permission to copy it >

and Darin linked the Hymn- Onward Christian Soldiers - the very Hymn from which my Moniker-Christian Soldier- was drawn-
Onward Christian Soldier!

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WomanHonorThyself said...

spot on girl but Keep the faith!! Have a great week my friend~!!:-)