Monday, November 3, 2014

Christian Pastors are Standing Up to the Un Constitutional 501 C3 & the IRS--/and-The Irish Celtic Voices -

I have been "preaching" on the L B Johnson  501 C3 -tax code that was meant to shut his critics up--for a Looooong time and asking-where were/are the bold Christian leaders of the ilk of the Black Regiment who stood for freedom up to and during our Revolutionary War--
Well-it seems there are now some Christian  leaders who are standing against the 501c3 -and are speaking from their pulpits and endorsing candidates-who hold Biblical values :
"... the number of pastors endorsing candidates in what they call Pulpit Freedom Sunday jumped from 33 people in 2008 to more than 1,600 this year,..."

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and-Celtic artists - standing for Christ- This Viking/ Irish woman - loves listening to Celtic music-
My studies show that the Vikings settled much of  N Ireland and Scotland- so- it stands to reason that it 'clicks' with me (-
Thank you -Z- GeeZ- for the reminder

FOUND another!!
Great vocals and a bit of drama-

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