Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fighting Terrorists - No Negotioating- Aim to Kill-and No More Welfare-

Several interesting articles-
Remember - Pres Jefferson went after the Muslim terrorists (Barbary Pirates) with the new might pf the new US Marines- (Shores of Tripoli) and Pres. . Adams followed through - we in the US had little trouble  w/ Muslim terrorists until the -"let's all get along - PC commies came into power--

Enjoy- warning-NO NEGOTIATING w/ Muslim Terrorists-

HR- 347-Free Speech (2nd Amendment) now a Felony-

All US Cities to become Detroit
my comment to this-
Detroiter-raised I was- – and my father said-“you cannot give other people’s $$$ to those who are not willing to work (WELFARE>ADC) and expect the city to survive..” He was right- 60 +_ years ago-the unions and commies took over the wealthiest per capita city in the country -look to Detroit to see the end game of un Constitutional actions-

Charity Scams- 
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Kid said...

Good God yea, cut off welfare for the moslems. For all immigrants really but for sure these bastards who intentionally try to live off he infidels as a course of their cult.

christian soldier said...

K- indeed- my friend!!