Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bosch Fawstin's ( Winning(Cartoonist) Interviews and His Site

I thank him for using his artistic talents to reveal the truth ---
I found this video of a speech he gave here in LA--in it- he mentions that Muslims loved Hitler- -which reminded me of a point I have been stating - that Hitler went to the Bosnian Muslims to set up his prototype for his SS-
and to the Danish cartoons-
as one of Danish heritage -I  know that - during WWII - the  Danish king- King Christian - subtley   stood against Hitler's demand that the Danes turn over their Jewish neighbors - by forcing them to wear the arm band w/ the Star  of David--
the Danish king stood before his citizens and told them that he would be wearing the band for the rest of the war- thus-the Danes -got the message  and all wore the band- and the Nazis could not tell who was a Jew and who was not -(-:
and-he mentions that on 9-11-2001- there were celebrations by Muslims all over the world--
I can attest that there were celebrations here in LA - in various venues - even in my neighborhood -along Ventura Blvd-

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