Sunday, May 10, 2015

Keep the A 10 Warthog - get rid of the officers who do not honor their OATH -

and-while we are at it- get rid of the bowing military officers who would rather keep their jobs than watch out for our troops and the USA!
I know that many officers who honor their OATH - (which does NOT include the word President)  - have been 'drummed' out- and those officers who bow to the regime are
allowed to stay-
We in the US are in real trouble -

notice the link to an officer who intimidated his pilots - it is in the main article about the A 10 
At What Point Does The USAF's War Against The A-10 Become Sabotage?


Kid said...

Yep, Getting rid of the A0 is absurd; no doubt why the dems want it to happen.

christian soldier said...

K- and some of our military brass - sad days when our military higher ups continue to fold-