Saturday, July 11, 2015

Da Vinci's Brilliance-From Helicopters to Babies in the Womb- Was Da Vinci Pro Life- - My Guess -YES!-Read My Post Below This for His Take on Flight- He Was a Visionary Genius

thank you LA Lutherans for Life

 All the world celebrates Leonardo Da Vinci and his joyous ingenuity – proto helicopters, solar power, poetry and so much more. Fewer know of his years hacking up and sketching cadavers, gifts to medicine from the dead. But almost no one has paid much attention to one of his most remarkable contributions, as the world’s original gestational scientist.
Da Vinci’s studies of the embryonic child and expectant mother (1509-1512) were hard won and the first drawings of a child in the womb as far as we know. With help from a surgeon he pioneered dissection and medical illustration as we know them now. Sort of.
Da Vinci’s notes and observations of embryology were meticulously detailed and illustrated. His revelation on some aspects of fetal development were so highly advanced, it’s taken 500 years and the advent of CT and MRI scans for them to be verified. A sense of the beauty and mystery of life pervade his work, although it is done to advance sciences. This is something we have almost lost in a time of famished spirituality.More Here.

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