Monday, July 6, 2015

Confederate Flag-

As I have stated - the "Confederate" flag was NOT a flag of slavery - -- and that there was as much 'slavery' in the North as in the South--
and- to follow through w/ my 'mantra' - that we must retrieve our once excellent Ed System -and get our True HISTORY back--

Read this true Historical take-thank you JAWA-

Here is a small piece from the above:
The charges of being pro-slavery and for white supremacy could be a charge just as easily leveled at the State of Illinois and any number of Northern states. Yes our textbooks and many of the articles being written are wrong in that they portray that the North was fighting against White Supremacy and for the equal rights of blacks. Blacks in Illinois didn't get the vote until five years after the end of the civil war and segregation didn't end there until 1874. Prior to the civil war Slaves worked the fields of free state of Illinois and even Abraham Lincoln represented Slave Owners in attempts to recover fugitive slaves

BTW- Lincoln is mentioned in the above--and--
Lincoln has never been  one  my 'favorite' Presidents--
Because-you know- I believe elected officials -past and present - should honor the Constitution..

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