Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Occupy Wall Street vs-Ranchers 'Occupying' "Fed Annex" (US Citizens'Land) -OWS Participants - Not Murdered---Ranchers- MURDERED and Shot At>>>
"Change subject. The Oregon standoff and one-way shootout reminds me of its farcical east coast counterpart. From mid-September to mid-November 2011, tens of thousands of "social justice warriors" staged Occupy Wall Street, illegally camping out in Zuccotti Park and regularly jamming the streets with block party "demonstrations."
To be fair, some of the more rowdy among them were inconvenienced by law enforcement for minutes at a time. President Obama was understanding, "I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel." What ev-er. Occupy Wall Street received a total of $700,000 in donations. Dope-'n-deli adds up. The occupation dispersed when the funds ran out, surprising no one.
These same Occupy anarchists and their keyboard kollaborators are shocked to discover cattle wandered onto "our public lands", outraged mere citizens would occupy a sacred federal facility, stunned that ranchers would even question payment to the federals. It's outright banditry and welfare they say, and nothing DC does to armed parasites can be bad enough.
The prosecution of ranchers as terrorists points out, once again, it's acceptable to prey on rural whites. In the 21st century version of the Old West, we're made out to be the implacable savages and outlaws, "outlaws" in the historic sense: outside the protection of the law, criminals at large, the as-yet unpunished guilty, an affront to all that's just and decent, deserving of the contempt heaped upon us and violence to whatever degree can be managed by available manpower.'
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TS/WS said...

Is it not who is deserving rights and who do not deserve rights being pushed into the psyche of the populous; this propaganda machine headed into mainstream thinking of our fellow country men and women (fellow countrymen, being ironic---illegal occupiers more fits the bill).
Soon it will be said that anyone other than Government Officials having possession of a firearm is considered a terrorist.
Soon it will be said anyone who tries to keep property (a home or land) will be labeled selfish and/or a terrorist.
Soon it will be said over and over anyone who says anything against the power brokers/Politicians are terrorist.
This propaganda machine working to ruin Ted Cruz. CNN stated Ben Carson was leaving the Campaign Trail. Did the Washington Cartel seize the moment and put the squeeze on Ted Cruz campaign members to tweet - CNN Breaking News?
The [Power of Suggestion] is the most powerful weapon on Earth (known to mankind).
The new people coming here do not know our way of rebelling against an out of control Gov., when the Gov. from which they have had has done for their needs. After being here - see the way the people here fight against a Gov. trying to do "good" for the poor is met with resistance.
Of course the illegals will be brain washed by [The Propaganda Machine]!
And of course the people born here will be persuaded that way also------------------just look at the following Grandpa Bernie has rallied to vote for Him.

christian soldier said...

TS-I was so moved by your excellent and thought- filled comment--
Thank you so much--sometimes I think that I'm the only one who sees the hypocrisy --though - I know I am not alone --
We have fellow bloggers who are watchful as well--
We will soon be watching each others' backs--

TS/WS said...

"If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates.
But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed."

George Washington’s Farewell Address

christian soldier said...

He also said - and I paraphrase -"..stay out of the affairs of Europe.." in other words- 'don't fight their wars for them--'

as to the Barbary Pirates -muslims- 20% of the new Nations GDP- for 'tribute' not to take US ships or citizens- Jefferson knew that direct assaults on the new Nation were - reason enough to go after the pirates- w the Marines... "Shores of Tripoli"
otherwise- stop fighting other countries' wars - let them fight their own!

TS- thank you for commenting- I always enjoy reading your takes-

Mustang said...
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Mustang said...

We Americans are selective about what we recall from our founding father’s admonitions. For example, we should recall that without knowledgeable citizens, the best we can achieve is a farcical or a tragic government, or both. Our people must be literate, they must understand the ramification of electing celebrity politicians, and they must have the capacity for understanding likely consequences of government action. Educated citizens are required in a free society for no other reason than this: it is the tendency among politicians to write laws so voluminous that no high school graduate can read or comprehend their impact on a “free society.”

Our founding fathers believed that freedom would depend entirely on our citizen’s capacity to understand that in order for government to serve the common good, we the people must be willing to relinquish some of our unalienable rights. The people did give up some of their unalienable rights, and then they went to sleep. They’ve been sleeping now for two hundred years. The silent majority has allowed politicians to drive the ship of state and as a consequence of this, we the people have been relegated to the engine room. None of us is allowed to wander the promenade deck without government’s permission.

Citizens can never trust the government to do the right thing because our complacency always encourages government to conspire against us. Here we are today bemoaning government tyranny and we must ask: who is to blame? It is not the government, which simply exercises the power the people gave them; it is the people who have been asleep and allowed government to seize this power to begin with. Now that the government has seized this power, it will take the blood of patriots to get power back into the hands of the people. But we must ask: who today is willing to shed their blood for a people who no longer deserve the blessings of liberty?

christian soldier said...

Excellent education is the reason that John Quincy Adams was able to act as the assistant to the Ambassador of Russia at 13 -14 years of age -
and- that no college grad today - except a very- few can pass the 8th grade test of 1895--
1806 - take your pick--
That is the reason I homeschooled my son--I taught for ten years in the public school and I knew that the three Rsss were being eradicated --and - learning about our true history while homeschooling turned me from being a semi -lib to a total constitutionalist!