Thursday, April 14, 2016

The UN Executives - Their Plan to Ruin the US to 'Help the World'-

Why did our Grandparents and Parents allow the UN to exist - w/ UN headquarters in expensive NY ?>>>>because - they 'believed the government was always right and there to 'protect them'>>
Remember- a man named John Birch - demonized by the government heads--warned us about the power hungry--

Here is the list of the UN 'governing ' body-

“U.N. Agenda 21 cites the affluence of Americans as being a major problem which needs to be corrected.  It calls for lowering the standard of living for Americans so that the people in poorer countries will have more…i.e. redistribution of wealth.  Although people around the world aspire to achieve the levels of prosperity we have in the United States and will risk their lives to get here, Americans are cast in a very negative light and need to be taken down to a condition closer to average in the world.  Only then, proponents say, will there be Social Justice, a cornerstone of the U.N. Agenda 21 plan


Fredd said...

Yeah, that'll work for sure. Then every poverty stricken soul living in a shack in Nairobi or Mumbai will be driving a 2016 Chevy Malibu, once all the dough is taken from us filthy rich Americans who don't deserve jack squat.

Death to America. Kind of rolls off the lips, eh Carol?

christian soldier said...

F- yes it does-
and we had better wake up SOON!!

Kid said...

A favorite libtard strategy is to take a problem, create a useless organization to manage it, and end up as a giant money stealing/laundering machine. The answer to the question of why this stupid thing exists is Money.
Take your pick. See something stupid going on? Someone likely in government is profiting.

Things would be much better in the world, if loser countries didn't have a corrupt entity like the U.N. to protect them. Seems obvious no? Everything you need to know, you learned in Kindergarten.

christian soldier said...

K- the libs are great at following Alinsky's RULES which are really Lucifer's RULES--

TS/WS said...

Knock down the USA and the food source
Starve the world to reduce the population
remember that IS A GOAL HIGH ON THE LIST!

Mustang said...

Stupid Arabs; they should have taken out the UN building instead of the Twin Towers.

christian soldier said...

TS-= had not thought about that point :-)

Mustang- RIGHT ON!!! BTW- can we ever find a group who has the spine to get us in the US out of the UN - then we take over those buildings (worth $$$$) and we are -= again - free from the 'new world' govt tyranny--

Kid said...

Plus libtards are hell bent on doing the most wrong thing. To destroy all that is healthy or appears to be. They're like that. :-)