Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hollywood and Unborn Babies...

House the series-Friday October 17, 2008-used photo of unborn child grasping the finger of surgeon through open womb as a benchmark:
My prayers have been answered---Hollywood is starting to see the LIGHT!

Check my post for Friday October 17-for the juxtaposition of Sarah Palin and vid of the unborn LIVING child in the womb.

As to the cross vandals as described by Gatewaypundit-they are the reason we must take our universities back!! Those young people are valuable too:

PS: question for those who stump for the pro-death side>>>Where would YOU be if YOUR mother made the CHOICE of death for YOU before YOU were BORN?!!!!!!!!!!!!



cube said...

An amazing photo, for sure.

shoprat said...

Abortion is a sacrament to these people and they will not give it up or even allow it to be questioned. They are the new inquisitors.