Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hymn To the Un-Born Christian Soldier..

Several years ago-I wrote this for a Right to Life Sunday speech that I was to give at my church..
I had done several Right to Life speeches -each different-As I sat at Starbucks at 6:30 AM-I said -"Lord-Help me with this one-I don't know what You want me to say".....pause---nothing so I started writing and this is what I presented: it's in the rough --I have since 'cleaned it up' so I could sing it :

Hymn for the Unborn Christian Soldier

by Carol

We the Little Ones cry to thee
Send the army (soldiers) to fight for me
Let them be brave on every front
The courts, the government , the Church
Until (til) we’re free to be born
To serve with our talents that You give
Just let me live

The cures You give through me
Will set people free

Please, mother, let me be me.
I’ll love you all of my life
Please let me have life here on earth

I will help you with the cleaning
I’ll even rake the leaves
I’ll hug you in the morning
I’ll kiss you good night

Please let me live
To fight for freedom (for the right)

Mom, I know you’ll love me
When you hold me close (to your heart – to your breast)
You’ll wonder why you even had the thought to abort me

When I look at you with my large eyes
You’ll be thankful that you know me!

I promise, Mom
I’ll do me best to make you proud

And when I cry, you’ll love me more
You’ll have someone to care for.

Please Mother
Let me be me
I'll love you all of my life...

Sunday January 18,2009 is Right to Life Sunday..



Z said...

WoW, Carol...very, very nice.

There's an all anti-abortion blog, do you know it? I'll try to find it for you.

This is incredible......thanks so much.

christian soldier said...

Z-you are so welcome...
Check out the LA Lutherans for Life your right---
Someday I'll post how our group started because of my broken foot...:-)

Z said...

There's the anti-abortion blog, Carol..just remembered the name of it...forgot I had it on my blogroll.

LUTHERANS FOR LIFE? I am a Lutheran!! What a coincidence!
I'll check it out.. I think you'll enjoy the linked blog.

Z said...

looks like an excellent organization. Congratulations!
do that post on your broken foot..
My bible study teaching director started lecturing (incredibly well for 42 years now!) after having suffered 2 broken legs!
God works in very strange ways!

christian soldier said...

Z-thank you for the site name-I'll check it out-
I'm glad that you like the LALFL site--I have some awesomely talented friends...

christian soldier said...

Z -and you're a Lutheran too-looks like we have a lot in common! :-)

shoprat said...

The voice of the pre-born needs to be heard.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

That gave me chills. Thanks.

christian soldier said...

shoprat - you are right-and we are their voices...

PCC-you are welcome and thank you for the kind words...

USpace said...

This is great Carol, very smart and very moving. Makes me cry just thinking about it.


christian soldier said...

Thank you USpace-I am blessed to have you as one of my first blog 'encouragers' :-)

Anonymous said...

It's been claimed that those who oppose abortion care about human life for the first nine months, then forget about them until they're old enough to serve in the military.

Is this true? What are right-to-life advocates doing to support unwanted babies and their mothers?