Friday, September 11, 2009

RECKONING !!!!!! I Have NOT Forgotten!!!!

This Cross was not formed by human hands!

from IBA has about stated all that I was going to....He has a fabulous musical classic for you to listened to --too....

I don't want biblical revenge.

I don't want NEEDLESS death.

I don't want to forget

I don't want to get over it

I don't want to understand my enemies problems or solve them

I don't want to coexist with systems that cannot tolerate other

I don't want to listen to those who want to coexist with such systems and therefore end their own existence

I don't want to listen to excuses

I don't want to calm down about it

I don't want to be reasoned with about it

I don't want to be told this is not 1942

I don't want to hear this war is not a war

I don't even want to be patient with those who are

I really only want one small thing



Always On Watch said...

Justice. That's what I want.

christian soldier said...

AOW-looking at our courts and administration...would we get justice?...Enjoy your day in Wash DC...

shoprat said...

It will happen, at the hand of God Himself. Hopefully very soon.

MK said...

Amen to that. It's certainly long overdue.

christian soldier said...

SR-You are stating what I have been ...if God puts on the 'full armor' as He did in Is 59--we are going reap the whirl-wind..

MK- I so enjoy your blog-having been directed to it yesterday...Thank you for your stand for us in the US...