Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Water Mains with-in one month's time! in N.LA!... Follow the $$$$$

I always follow the $ and the unions control of the $--We have had at least 3 THREE water main breaks within a month's time (one not mentioned the article) in the San Fernando Valley-LA-CA....Please don't give me the old pipe routine.....???? is this because of cuts in personel ?---cuts in salaries?..--I don't trust the union thugs or the bureaucrats....

more here:http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local-beat/That-Sinking-Feeling-2-57699417.html

A fire truck on its way to the site of a water main break fell into a sinkhole Tuesday morning in Valley Village.

The truck's cab is submerged, but the crew members were able to escape before the truck fell into the hole.

A tow truck arrived at about 7 a.m.

City fire units and Department of Water and Power repair crews were at the scene of the water main break. The water main is gushing water near the intersection of Hartsook Street and Bellingham Avenue, located east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and south of Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, according to city fire Capt. Rick McClure.

The break was reported about 5:20 a.m., McClure said.

The fire truck blundered into the sinkhole and was left with its back half protruding at a 45-degree angle. No injuries were immediately reported.

That's just a few blocks from where a 64-inch steel water main broke Sunday, flooding a section of Studio City and washing away an important thoroughfare across the Hollywood Hills. Dozens of homes and businesses were damaged, prompting evacuations. Coldwater Canyon Avenue between Halkirk and Ventura is projected to be closed and under repair through Friday.

It was not immediately determined what caused the latest break and if it was related to the rupture Saturday night of a 95-year-old 64-inch pipe in neighboring Studio city. The weekend rupture sent a flood over several streets, including Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Ventura Boulevard.


Z said...

Odd, isn't it? These happen in FLA all the time, but not here in CA!
Carol, you'll love this...I was listening to the news yesterday on the radio and picked it up a little late (i hadn't heard at all about these holes) and I heard "...and people are advised to use Cold Water to get over into the Valley"

I thought "USE COLD WATER TO DRIVE TO THE VALLEY? How's using cold WATER help that?" Then I realized they meant COldwater Canyon Road!! I had to laugh at myself! USE COLD WATER?? !!

shoprat said...

They have a choice. They can either use the tax payers' money to fix these things or they can give it to illegal aliens. Can you guess which has priority.

christian soldier said...

Z-sometimes we CAs get mixed up!:-)

SR--Hmmmm-OK --illegals would be the correct answer!