Saturday, October 3, 2009

Four of Our BEST-Shot While Sleeping by Afghan 'Comrade'

and no one knows 'why'!!!
PLAAAEEESE-don't give me that!!!
Do any of you know WHY? I Do!!!
I'll give you 2 seconds to guess...

KABUL (Reuters) - An Afghan soldier on guard at a joint base with U.S. troops shot dead two American servicemen and wounded two others as they slept, a provincial official said on Saturday.

Shahedullah Shahed, spokesman for the governor of Wardak province west of Kabul, said the shooting took place after a combined team of Afghan and U.S. forces had returned from a joint operation late on Friday.

"The Americans were in the middle of sleep when an Afghan soldier on duty opened fire on them," Shahed said.

"We have no clue as to why he shot them."

A statement from NATO-led forces said two American soldiers died from injuries suffered in a "hostile attack" in eastern Afghanistan on Friday. A press officer for the Western troops said he could give no further details of the incident.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

This isn't the first time an Afghan supposed ally shot our soldiers in the back.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Cowards just love easy targets.

Z said...

a friend sent me this article, too.......I wrote him back that what's REALLY SCARY is OUR ARMY doesn't seem to know that they are our ENEMY!
They shot them because they're AMERICAN! Geeeeeez. It's one thing to say "Man, that was bad...should have seen that coming" But, "WE DON"T KNOW WHY?"
Should we even be fighting a war when our guys don't know the enemy hates us? Yikes

christian soldier said...

WS-PCC and Z-I know and it makes me angry that our guys are being put into such a position..and exp w/ the RoE such as they are now!!!
I'm having extreme second thoughts about being in Afghanistan---

MK said...

A real muslim who understands his koran and the deeds of their prophet, something too many of us won't [not can't] grasp.

christian soldier said...

MK-You are sooo right on !!!!