Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marines Murdered...

in Beirut October 23 - 1983---
If we had taken care of IT (the Dark Side action) THEN--Khobar-USS Cole-First WTC>>>>9/11 would not have happened!!!!!....SHAME on OUR government SERVANTS-Senate-House-Executive - Judicial --for continually backing down---Shame on you then-SHAME on you now!!!!

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MK said...

It started from the time of mohammed, islam has been at war with us openly and in secret for more than a thousand years. It never stopped and it never will, their religion compels them to make war upon us.

I hate to say it, but the lack of spine shown by our governments is a reflection of the western world through history. We will only fight islam openly when our backs are to the wall and the blades are shining, until then, we'll dilly-dally around with PC crap like insisting it's a religion of peace.

A lot more will be butchered and hung out to die by the religion of islam before the west rises us and starts returning the favor with interest.

christian soldier said...

MK-great take!!!--and you've stated almost verbatim what I have been saying for years....It's nice to know you are out there!!!!