Friday, October 23, 2009

Patrick Henry--I See No Patrick Henry!!

"Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!" Patrick Henry...
lindsey graham is NO Patrick Henry!!

nancy P. is no Adams-John or Abigail!
she has never studied the CONSTITUTION!!!


MK said...

He is right and you can say that about us too. We're all sick and tired of all the lying weasels, they never tell the truth, they always say one thing before they get power and do something totally different once they get into power. And that something is almost always an erosion of liberty in some way.

Dan said...

By saying that we are not going to be the party of angry white guys, he's really saying that we are that party now. I reject his premise. We are not now, and have not ever been the party of angry white guys in the sense in which he speaks, which is identical to the sesnse in which the left wing media portrays us. Oh but we have been angry, in fact the party was founded by a bunch of angry white guys, one of which became our 16th president.