Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hollywood Boycott Time? & Vatican Sides w/Occupy-ers!

bho was in LA-CA - yesterday-mingling w/ the rich and famous and raising LOTS of $$$$-
and to think- I liked Banderas and his movies... ---obama-mingles-stars-raises-cash-
I'm going to find how many more 'stars' have given $$$$ to bho- and boycott their movies...

Vatican shows hypocrisy-sides with Occupy crowd but -Hmmmmm-quote from article:
"Last year the Vatican Bank, known officially as the Institute for Religious Works, had €23m (£20m) of its assets frozen by Italian authorities as part of an investigation into suspected money-laundering."

Read it all - it is not long--and is VERY TELLING!


MK said...

Apparently that vatican thing is not what they think they are, from what i read elsewhere, it's the official standpoint of the vatican but some irrelevant offshoot.

As for bho, maybe someone should ask those hollywood types to send some money to Herman Cain, unless they're racists or something.

Kid said...

I'd say all foreign aid that doesn't involve direct feeding or medical care is money laundering. No wonder government treats us like morons, most of us are.

As far as ollywood, it's really easy to see who the sane people like Gary Sinese, the rest can suck dead air.

And back in the 40's-50's most of the stars were war veterans with very impressive records. Different time.

Ron Russell said...

I use to think about boycotting some stars movies, but now I never go anyway--just wait for them to make it to TV. As for Kid's comment, yep most were on the right side in the 1940's but that began to change in the 1950's when the communist found many fellow-travelers in hollywood.

Ducky's here said...

Banderas sucks. Why do you have to boycott something intelligent people avoid in the first place?

christian soldier said...

thank you all for your comments-
bust getting my home in order for Christmas..entertaining- it's been 4 years of building barn-studio- storage...boxes-boxes!