Saturday, October 8, 2011

Parity-Is It Good For Sports -

Salary Caps and 'Parity' -- is it ruining hockey and the rest of Pro-sports...
Example: my Detroit Red Wings--
If a Detroit team must give up excellent young players that have been strengthened by the excellent training of its farm team (as an example) because of parity salary caps (all teams must have an "equal" chance at the Stanley Cup)--is that the best for the sport or is it SOCIALISM in disguise?...
and- I am told that the other pro-sports teams have similar systems now---
My take- If teams consistently excel -because of excellent management -- they should win and keep playing--- If teams do not excel- they should disappear---
and- if DETROIT-(a house for $1.00 anyone) can support a winning team- then any city w/ true fans can support a winning team ---
Socialism by any name (parity-equalization et al) is ---well- you know what I think --
What do you think of parity in pro-sports?...
BTW- the DETROIT RED WINGS just won their second season game!!


Leticia said...

Well, not a big fan of sports, except I do enjoy watching a hockey or rugby game once in a while, but I honestly believe there is no room for politics in sports.

If I understood your post.

christian soldier said...

L --you do-and I appreciate your input-
let sports be sports-no PC - socialism should be in sports!