Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CHRISTIANS 'Stoned' By Muslims in Dearborn MI-

Police blamed Christains for exercising their right to free speech-
Dearborn - MI - first US city to allow muslim chants-prayers- to be loudly projected in public from mosques- Goooooooo Michigan!


Trekkie4Ever said...

Shocking isn't it? We are witnessing the peace-loving, tolerant Muslims in action. Aren't they just so sweet and lovable?? Arghh..

And the evil, sign carrying Christians, how dare they disrupt such lovely people during their festival.

Makes me sick that this is in America.

Although, it was awful, that man did have a cross on his forehead.

KG said...

So First Amendment rights are effectively nullified by claiming the exercise of them is "incitement"?
Westerners are a defeated people.

christian soldier said...

L- it makes me angry and sad that we in the US have become so blind!

KG - indeed- it does look that way-
We-freedom lovers-will fight back- I can feel it coming!

Trekkie4Ever said...

Yes, it seems that American citizens have to take a back seat to political correctness and Christians and Jews are somehow the bad guys?

We are under siege and so many people refuse to believe it. Like Damien who simply hates to hear anyone say anything about the Muslims.

MathewK said...

So Dearborn is becoming the sharia no-go zone in America.

Cult of peace my ass.

Hopefully some leftist trash will unknowingly wander into dearborn and get the tripe beaten out of them, let them learn the consequences of their ideology.