Monday, June 25, 2012

Firefighter Truth Tells-is Demoted-/ Warning -from Lord M on Global Government- and DoD taken to task by Congress on Religious Freedom

This time I side w/ the Union-
Warning on global government from Lord M -
Congressmen with spines go eye to eye w/ Defense Dept- on Air Force PC of -and I'll say it- Christianity-(posted about the DoD's actions against Bibles-Christians many times)

Are these enough for today - My freedom loving friends! ..: - )


MathewK said...

I hope his union sues and wins, the guy said it on his own time and on his own private facebook account. Are people not allowed to say the truth anymore or say what they feel like.

I truly hope the fascists are taken to the cleaners.

christian soldier said...

RWT- I hope so too- on both accosts!