Thursday, June 21, 2012

JOE for Congress-NO GUN Control

every time a tyrannous faction wants control-it takes weapons away from the people - and it goes WAAAY back- (the Philistines  come to mind -no black smiths  for the Hebrews-so they could not make weapons.)

Joe gives us in the US -two more examples-

I'm supporting him in his run...

as I did Allen West and Marco Rubio...



Kid said...

Even aside from government, waht about the criminals?
Will they turn the guns in?
Will government get their guns?
Why can't the government keep drugs away from 13 yr olds in every city in America then?

Cops call gun free zones Criminal Enterprise Zones.

Mass Murder by freaks happens Only in gun free zones.

christian soldier said...

K-you are so right - those areas that have must carry laws have the LEAST crime against citizens-

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Good on Joe the Plumber. I hope he gets somewhere.

christian soldier said...

RWT- I do TOO!!

Leticia said...

I believe it is every American's right to carry or own a firearm or more. We have a right to defend our homes, and our loved ones.

I feel a lot safer in my home knowing I have protection.