Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cowards in the Pulpits

 Been saying this for years--
BTW-Sunday Oct. 7 - was pulpit freedom day- where brave pastors stated political issues - testing  the un-Constitutional  501 'law' put forth in 1954 by the debauched L B Johnson- to shut his critics up--the 501 C3 section was added--
No CHRISTian leaders at the time spoke up-- were they afraid -or did they not know the Constitution and the process that gave up the Constitution!!  A WAR-for FREEDOM 1776!
 Read what this brave CA Pastor has to say--let me know what you think!!!

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MathewK said...

Good on him, Christians should never leave their beliefs at home or out of the public space. That's what liberals want, if we keep quiet they can carry on with whatever destructive behavior they want to foist upon society.