Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Ground Zero SCULPTURE of NEW HORSE SOLDIERS-to Honor ...

those Soldiers first into Afghanistan (roads were so bad - only horses could get our BEST to the enemy)--
I am reading _Horses Soldiers_ by Doug Stanton--This is my post with a great video:
Ground Zero Sculpture of present day Soldier-HORSE AND RIDER!!!

The actual Horse Soldiers telling their story - and the forming of the sculpture

to note- there is still an HORSE program at West Point -USMA-

U.S. Special Operations, members of Task Force Dagger, and Afghani forces ride into northern Afghanistan in October 2001 on horseback.
America's Response Monument, De Oppresso Liber
America's Response Monument-De Oppresso Liber.jpg
America's Response Monument
Artist Douwe Blumberg
Year 2011
Type Bronze
Dimensions (13 ft in × 7 ft in × 13 ft in)
Location New

BTW-Mr. President bho-there are still HORSE Soldiers in combat situations-AND- a submarine is a BOAT not a ship!(referring to bho's comment at the last debate--that there were no more horses -


rosey said...

This sorry excuse for a President has no idea/clue other than Marxist ideology. The US Cavalry has a long and important historical aspect to the use and effectiveness of our equine friends. He is sinking faster than a submarine with a screen door. Now he can join the private sector and play battleship at his level of mentality.

christian soldier said...

R- like your analogies - sinking sub-screen door-battleship - they gave me a much needed gut laugh --thank you!

Kid said...

I'll bet money this idiot couldn't hold a job at McDonald's.